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Principal's Message

Demetrice Badru

Welcome to Trousdale County Elementary School, where we are committed to providing a safe and intellectually stimulating environment for our students. Our goal is to empower students to become innovative thinkers, creative problem solvers, and inspired learners. With high academic standards and expectations, we strive to create a culture of constant improvement that will ultimately prepare all students for successful careers in the future. Students at Trousdale County Elementary School make positive choices and actively contribute to both the local and global community. They are equipped with critical and creative thinking skills, which they utilize when solving problems and exploring complex questions. Additionally, our students are effective communicators who interact respectfully with diverse audiences and for various purposes. 


To foster intellectual growth and engagement, our teachers provide opportunities for students to take intellectual risks and engage in collaborative problem-solving. They encourage peer collaboration and promote creative thinking, allowing students to play an active role in their learning and take ownership of their education. Our teachers also design high-quality, rigorous instruction and regularly analyze student work, data, and assessments to make informed, data-driven decisions and foster learning opportunities for all students. 


We believe that the partnership between our school community and parents is imperative for the success of our students. We greatly appreciate the support and involvement of our parents, as they play a vital role in providing a safety net for students while allowing them to experience cognitive dissonance and grow academically. By working with our teachers, parents ensure that every child is prepared for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow's careers. We are excited to have you and your child as part of the Trousdale County Elementary School community. Together, we will create a nurturing and enriching environment that inspires a love for learning and helps our students thrive personally and academically. We look forward to a successful partnership and a bright future for your child.

Demetrice L. Badru